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Life Coaching by Camilla

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Hi, I'm Camilla.

I'm a mom of 4 (ages 17-8…crazy huh?)

I've been married to my other half for almost 20 years (what the?).

I've been obsessed with personal development, in some form, since I was a teenager. This obsession eventually led me to get a Bachelor's Degree in Community Health, then to become a personal trainer (very briefly), and finally a certified life/weight coach from the most esteemed school: The Life Coach School where I was mentored by Brooke Castillo and have been coaching thousands of people for the last 15 months.

I know what it's like to feel lost.

I know what it's like to feel out of control.

I know what it's like to feel depressed.

I used to think I was always going to feel lost, out of control and depressed. I used to just put on a happy face and "get through" life.

The type of coaching I practice is causal coaching. Causal coaching shows you why you're stuck, why you're not happy, why you're suffering. The best part comes next – I show you what you can do about it.

Feeling better is possible.

Achieving goals is possible.

Connection, fulfilling relationships, confidence – you get me?

"As long as [we] think that the cause of [our] problem is 'out there' – as long as [we] think that anyone or anything is responsible for [our] suffering – the situation is hopeless."

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"Camilla helped me go from being spinning in confusion to confidence in 15 minutes in our private coaching today! I was afraid to show the behind-the-scenes look at my new offer. I recorded a video to practice for my Facebook live and discovered all the ways that my membership is the bomb! I'm now using the video on my sales page and final emails, plus I'm very excited to show my audience how it looks on live video."
"I'm a smart, capable woman. I know exactly how to lose weight. But I just couldn't get myself to actually do the things I know I needed to do. When I started working with Camilla, I was frustrated with myself and my inability to get control over this part of my life on my own. Camilla was patient with me. She helped me get over my own frustration so I could more clearly focus on my weight loss goal. She taught me valuable skills that have not only helped me lose my weight, but they've also helped me get control over my emotions and feel better on a daily basis. I will be forever grateful to Camilla."
-Andrea S.
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